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Replicated Sites

Luci’s replicated websites give each representative the ability to personalize their online selling while aligning with your Multi-level Marketing Organization’s brand.

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Every distributor is unique and should have the capability to express themselves alongside your MLM or Party Plan company’s brand. Luci’s replicated websites, with their easy-to-use design, give distributors a turnkey way to create their own personalized selling sites within approved creative options established by the MLM. That way, you can maximize your multi-level marketing brand while still giving each representative the ability to create a customized site that represents her own business.

Luci’s MLM software offers an intuitive and concise e-commerce approach structured around Facebook’s album model. Similar to Facebook, MLM representatives can easily custom design collections or groupings based on themes, styles, or events. That way, they can tailor the collection to fit their target customers. Plus, each site provides a unique URL for each representative’s use when promoting her business at events or via social media.

Keep Organized

Create custom albums offering based on styles, shapes, or colors

Customize Offerings

Group items or spotlight collections with images and preloaded descriptions

Be Creative

Direct potential customers to a compelling, custom e-commerce site

Business Benefits

Behind the scenes, each replicated site is connected to your backend MLM software, seamlessly integrating inventory tracking, sales tax calculations, and representative compensation. With Luci, it’s simple to empower MLM representatives to grow their businesses and sell more, which creates bottom-line benefits for your multi-level marketing business.

The results?

  • Familiarity and ease of use
  • Streamlined business management
  • Increased sales