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Enhanced Customer Experience

Today’s shopper expects more from their buying experience. Luci creates a more intimate, sharing economy that is built on trust as much as brand reputation. Our software platform allows greater accessibility and more convenience for both independent distributors and customers.

Let's Talk About Customer Experience

MLM Software that makes it easier to buy and sell

Hybrid Sales

Distributors have access to your organization’s entire inventory through their replicated websites but can also utilize Luci’s app to sell on-hand inventory so customers can walk out with their new favorites.

Speedy Checkout

Luci’s app allows multiple logins into the same account providing additional checkout lanes. At the end of a demonstration grab a spouse, friend or assistant and dramatically cut wait times and increase sales.


Luci’s concise and intuitive platform works across mobile and desktop. The experience is structured around Facebook’s album model and the familiarity makes it easy to manage and even easier to shop.

Enhance Your Buying Experience

LiveStream Selling

Streaming live video on social media has made the leap from novelty to necessity. Live video adds that human touch that text and images alone can’t compete with, in an online setting. Luci’s tailored apps support a QVC-like experience where customers can join and share a live event. Then comment, claim and buy without leaving the broadcast.

LiveStream Selling Details

Album Sales

Luci’s replicated websites and apps incorporate social sharing and work across mobile and desktop allowing distributors to sell just about anywhere at any time. Structured around the album model used by Facebook, the familiarity and simplicity of our e-commerce platform encourages a high adoption rate and increased sales.

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