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Distributor Payout Card

Distributors today demand instant payment. With Luci’s convenient Payout Cards, you can deliver.

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Providing quick and convenient access to funds is essential to retain a strong and motivated multi-level marketing team. With Luci as your MLM software, you can pay representatives for their retail sales right away. With just a couple of clicks, earnings are directed to the representative’s payout card, with required sales tax automatically separated and set aside.

distributor payout card visa master card

Simple & Seamless

As soon as a sale is made, representatives have immediate access to their money and are able to use their payout card to purchase additional inventory, make transfers into their bank account, and make purchases anywhere VISA and Mastercard are accepted.

Luci’s Payout Advantages

Easy Access

Luci allows unlimited batches so your distributors can choose when they want to get paid. Payments are made anytime, within seconds.

Instant Funding

Pay distributors for their retail sales with the click of a button. Plus, for added convenience, commissions and bonuses can be loaded onto the card as well.

Accepted Everywhere

Unlike e-Wallets, the payout cards are flexible! MLM representatives can use their cards to purchase additional inventory, make ATM withdrawals, transfer money to their bank account, or make purchases anywhere VISA and MasterCard are accepted.

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distributor payout card advantages

Sales Motivation

The easier it is to get paid, the more your representatives will want to sell.

No-hassle Tax Compliance

No ad hoc calculations required. Luci calculates the necessary sales tax based on the customer’s shipping address or the geo-location of an in-person transaction. The sales tax is automatically and instantly separated and set aside in a corporate account as sales are made, so you and your representatives don’t have to worry about reconciling at payment time.

Integrated Recordkeeping

All the sales and payment data you need is captured and easily accessible via Luci’s robust reporting capabilities.

Brand Exposure

Each card features your MLM Organization’s logo. So, whenever the payout card is used, your brand gets a boost!