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How to Get Your Direct Selling Business Started

/ 7.19.2018 / Distributors

Three Tips to Help Jumpstart Your Direct Selling Business

Alright, you did it. You jumped head first into the crazy world of direct selling. Now, where do you start? What are the next steps to take? Get going and get motivated with these three tips to help get your direct selling business rolling.

Get Up, Literally.

Starting your career in direct sales can be a daunting task. While it’s a wonderful opportunity to make money, it doesn’t come as easily and as quickly as it may appear. It takes a lot of patience and dedication to your products and customers. Of course, take full advantage of having a “stay-at-home” job, but don’t let that be an excuse to stay in bed all day. Get up, and get your business out there! Spread the word about your product or service and go the extra mile. Treat your customers like royalty, and they will return the favor with their loyalty.

Create a Business Account on Social Media.

We all know that one person who stuffs your newsfeed with unwanted ads on social media. While totally okay to market to friends and family, limit yourself and your personal account to sharing announcements only every now and then. Instead, create a new, separate account for your direct sales business. After all, you literally have access to the entire world at your fingertips…through social media, of course! This is a great promotional tool that will help widen your target market, all the while still marketing towards the community of family and friends that you already have. Invite your family and friends to “Like” your new Facebook business page, and have them follow you on your business Instagram. The important note is to remember to separate your personal accounts from your business accounts. It will help buffer your relationships keeping personal stuff separate from business.

Stay Organized.

Cleaning and organizing definitely do not sound like the most appealing things to do, so get creative and make it fun! Some ideas are keeping a calendar, or bullet journal or both — depending on just how creative you want to be. Calendars are an easy way to keep track of shipment dates and social media schedules. However, a bullet journal has the same capabilities, with the flexibility of blank pages for more custom organization. For example, you can create separate pages for customer contacts and order information. You will be surprised how a little organization can relieve a lot of stress.

If done well, there are so many rewards that come with running a direct selling business. Be encouraged and stay excited, take advantage of your social media community and keep your business organized in order to make information easier to find. Start using these 3 tips to get a jumpstart on your direct selling career today. Good luck!


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