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How to Develop Long-Term Customer Relationships in Your Direct Selling Business

/ 8.7.2018 / Distributors

Most of direct selling is comprised of independent distributors all after the same allures — more money, the entrepreneurial lifestyle, and flexibility. These attributes are not necessarily bad things to aspire towards, but they cannot dominate that landscape without damaging both the distributor and customer expectations. It’s important to understand the significance of establishing and maintaining rapport with customers. Too many distributors get caught up in the sale right in front of them and quickly move on to the next purchase, and then the next. This concept is flawed, unsustainable, and inevitably will fail as a long-term solution to a successful direct selling or party planning business. Here are a few tips to gain lifelong, loyal customers right out of the gate.

Share Personal Stories

Building any relationship requires a two-way street. Communication must flow in both directions. However, you, the distributor, must make the first move. Potential customers attending one of your parties know why they are there, so mix it up. Avoid too many facts and figures, and insert yourself into the conversation and tell your story. Stories command the attention of your audience and can transform current beliefs, and even change some preconceived notions. They also convey your personality, while appealing to the emotions that motivate action or buying. Don’t embellish or exaggerate. Explain how your product or service enhanced someone’s life and interject a funny anecdote. Keep it authentic, and you will find customers trusting you as you form an overall togetherness with the group. In the end, you will find more customers willing to attend or host upcoming parties in the future.

Don’t Copy and Paste Sales Pitches

With the advancements in social media and other digital tools, marketing online can be a quick avenue to expand your customer base significantly. It is easy to take marketing materials and spread them all over the internet with minimal effort. However, this type of mass marketing does not convey any personal connection between distributor and customer, and can often foster negative sentiment. Sending mass messages displays a lack of effort and usually will not result in a sale. To come off genuine, focus on the customer and their needs. Send personalized messages telling your stories about your products and conclude with unique benefits.

Support Your Customer Before, During, and After the Sale

A lot of effort goes into acquiring new customers, so don’t waste it by letting them fade away. You need an excellent nurturing program designed to keep you and your products in front of your customers. Stand out from other distributors and make your customers feel like a top priority. This means maintaining your customer relationship from the beginning, during, and after each sale. These touch points show that you are invested in their satisfaction. Keeping in touch with your customer shows a deeper connection and promotes the sharing of their experiences. In this instance, both parties win. You gain a customer for life, and they learn positive product experiences from a distributor that they know and trust.

Direct selling is gaining popularity because of the personal connections it naturally forms. It allows the customer a unique experience not found elsewhere in retail, either online or in store. Focus on the long-term relationship. Remember to share your stories and invite others to share theirs. Nurture your customers and build a community of engaged, loyal customers that embrace you and the products you represent. And, never look back.

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