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Streamlined Management

Luci’s MLM software reduces the hassle of navigating between multiple software platforms to manage your direct sales business. No matter what software is involved, we can integrate smoothly, significantly reducing IT demands and administrative burdens. This connectivity allows Direct Selling and Party Planning organizations to more efficiently focus on growth.

Centralized Databases

Our integrations with other backend management software providers help you bring all your data under one roof. No more isolated databases requiring multiple logins to create the reports you need.

Warehouse to Customer Visibility

See through your entire organization’s operation and flow, from the time new product is ordered and hits the warehouse, all the way to the customer. Identify trends and behaviors then make data-driven decisions.

In-depth Reporting

You own your data. Luci consolidates all your data and shares every touchpoint, giving Direct Selling and Party Plan companies greater insight into their business. See who, what and why and predict what will be next.

Intelligent Solutions

Sales Tax Integration

35 States now require the DSO to collect sales tax placing a whole new burden on DSOs. Luci enables Direct Selling and Party Plan companies to increase sales through cash and carry. Sales tax is determined by either geo-locating an in-person transaction or based on the customer’s shipping address. Now your distributors can sell more efficiently both online and in person.

A 2018 audit by the state of Florida including 1.8 million Luci transactions found zero errors.

Distributor Payout Card

Get money for retail sales and commissions to your distributors in an instant. Luci’s MLM software gives DSOs the capability to load funds onto a branded card. This card is no virtual wallet; it can be used to purchase additional inventory, transfer money to their bank, or shop anywhere VISA and MasterCard are accepted.

Build your business with MLM software built for Direct Selling and Party Plan companies.